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Internet Specials:

New and Unique Plants!


Here you will find our special plant section where we showcase new introductions, unique plants and occasionally classic choices for the garden.

Plant Information:
All our perennials are field grown or produced in containers. We only ship plants that are at least two years old. To ensure that your order arrives in a fresh and healthy condition, some plants may need different packaging treatments. Also, depending on your state restrictions, some perennials may arrive bare root or in special containers.

Order: Name: Price: Description:

Actaea japonica 'Cheju-Do'
$14.85 WHITE SPIKES OF FRAGRANT FLOWERS. 48-60"". Z4-7.   View Image

Arisaema kiushianum
$18.85 A unique new Japanese variety. This Jack-in-the-Pulpit places it flowers at ground level, carpeting the partly shaded bed or border in exotic, hooded blossoms in mid- and late spring! 15"". Vertically striped in chocolate and shimmery golden and boasting a long spadix that covers the open top of the bloom and extends out 6"" like a tail or whip. Unbelievably showy! Flowers are long-lasting. Partial shade. Zones 6-9.  

Arisaema 'Ringens'
$28.85 Thick purple and white striped spathe resembles a perfectly formed cobra head as the tip of the flower curls downward, revealing the glossy purple interior and two ""cobra eyes.""   View Image

Arisaema serratum
$28.85 Four foot stems are capped by brilliant seed heads of orange berries. The striking, white-striped, purple hood possesses a long, horizontally held spathe tip which encloses a short, greenish spike.   View Image

Arisaema sikokianum
$28.85 A very striking and bold addition to the woodland garden. This Arisaema has a dark spathe and snow white spadix. Blooms in mid summer. A large, impressive find for the collector. 18-24"".   View Image

Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding'
$10.85 Dark maroon/red, flowers in June and reblooms late summer. 22-28"". Part shade to shade. Moist well drained soil. Zone 4-7.   View Image

Astrantia major 'Tickled Pink'
$12.85 Dark red flowers from late spring to end of summer. Soft Green Foliage. Excellent cut flower. 20"". Z4-7.  

Baptisia x 'Purple Smoke'
$12.85 Grey stems, blue tinted foliage and showy blue purple flowers. Strong and vigorous. 3'. Zones 3-9.  

Baptisia x 'Twilite Praieieblues'
$12.85 Deep purple violet flowers and a lemon yellow keel at the center. A bushy hybrid that will in 2-3 years cover itself in hundreds of enchanting blooms from late spring to early summer. Great cut flower. Full sun and well drained soil. 5'. Zones 4-8.  

Baptisia 'Screaming Yellow'
$12.85 Vivid yellow to butter yellow flowers on blue-green foliage. Sturdy, droughgt and deer resistant. 24-36"".   View Image

Campanula persicifolia 'Azure Beauty'
$12.85 Clump forming double, bright blue flowers late spring-summer. Attractive to bees and butterflies. 2'.  

Dicentra x 'Love Hearts'
$14.85 Arching sprays packed with white, heart-shaped blooms lined with purple. Blue-green fernlike forming a 10"" mound. Z3-10.   View Image

Dicentra x 'Red Fountain'
$14.85 Dark-heart shaped flowers, reblooming variety. Upright flower stems. Deeply cut, fern like blue-gray foliage. May to early fall flowering.   View Image

Geranium sanguineum 'Elke'
$14.85 Pink flowers with dark pink veins bloom mid summer atop green mounds of foliaige. Works well as a ground cover or as a border plant.   View Image

Geranium sanguineum var. 'Striatum'
$8.85 Spreading mound-shaped plants covered with soft salmon pink flowers with deep veining. Blooms continuously from June until fall. Highly droughgt tolerant. Good for the rock garden. 6-8"". Zones 3-8.  

Geranium x 'Ann Thompson'
$16.85 Golden leaf hardy geranium with a violet blooms sporting a black center. 15"". Z4-8.   View Image

Geranium x 'Havana Blues'
$16.85 Dwarf compact habit, large soft blue flowers with dark purple veins. 8-10"". Z5-8.   View Image

Geranium x 'Rosetta'
$12.85 Large pink flowers with dark veins. Extremely long flowering season early summer up till frost. 16"". Z 4-8.  

Helenium autumnale 'Fuego'
$10.85 Described as swirling scarlet and gold blooms that look like little fire dancers in your garden! Compact and bushy. 18-20"". Z 3-9.  

Helenium autumnale 'Salsa'
$12.85 Spicy bright red flowers with dark brown centers. 18-20"" Zones 3-9.  

Helenium autumnale 'Siesta'
$12.85 With selections in brilliant tomato red, fiery orange, glowing gold and sunshine yellow. 18-20"" Zones 3-9.  

Helenium x 'Hot Lava'
$12.85 As the name implies lava red blooms with hints of yellow and orange. Non drooping. 32-34"". Z3-8.   View Image

Helleborus niger (Christmas Rose)
$12.85 It is always nice to know that in March we can go out into the nursery and glimpse the first flowers of the Christmas Rose. White tinged with pink they announce the coming of spring for us here in Maine. Semi-evergreen. 8-10"". Note: Small root structure.  

Helleborus x 'Wedding Bells'
$16.85 With notable vigor and a showy floral display large pure white double blossoms abound on this plant. 18-24"". Z 4-9.   View Image

Heuchera x `Brazen Raisen'
$14.85 Deep purple-black coral bells provides perfect contrast in combination containers and front of the border. Deep red scapes and hot pink buds open to pale pink and white flowers midsummer and early fall. 10-25"". Z4-9.   View Image

Heuchera x 'Cinnamon Curls'
$14.85 Compact blend of coppery orange,red and purpletones on ruffles leaves. 8-12"". Z4-9.   View Image

Heuchera x villosa 'Berry Timeless'
$14.85 Pink bell shaped flower with green/silver foliage. Older blooms have staying power as dried flowers while newer blooms continue to add to the varied pink colors.18-20"".   View Image

Heucherella x alba 'Gold Zebra'
$14.85 Maple shaped leaves contrasting golden edges with a burgundy fade towards the veins. 12-24"". Zones 4-9.   View Image

Heucherella x alba 'Leap Frog'
$12.85 A more rounded edged maple leaf shape with chartreuse bold edges and burgundy veins shimmer with a dusting of metallic sheen. 12-24"". Zones 4-9.   View Image

Hibiscus moscheutos 'Cranberry Crush'
$21.85 Like a Spanish Flamenco dancer's dress, deep red ruffled flowers seem to swirl across the stage of your summer garden. 36-48"". Z4-9.   View Image

Hibiscus moscheutos 'Mars Madness'
$21.85 In Christo fashion, 6-8"" flowers look like a collection of beautiful bold red umbrellas in the summer garden! 54"". Z4-9.   View Image

Hosta fortunei 'Fire & Ice'
$15.85 Very attractive hosta with the strongest dark/light contrast ever. Very dark green margins with a lustrous, glistening white center. 12"" by 20"".   View Image

Hosta 'Great Expectations'
$14.85 20"". Z3-9.   View Image

Iris ensata 'Gold Bound'
$13.85 Pure white flowers with yellow signals on tall plants. Full sun, heavy water. Late spring to summer bloom. 40-44"". Z4-9.   View Image

Iris ensata 'Sensation'
$13.85 Deep velvety purple blooms with yellow strokes make this a true sensation. Full sun very moist soil. 32.36"". Z4-9.   View Image

Iris pallida 'Albo Variegata'
$12.85 Always in great demand. A very ornamental Iris with green and white variegated foliage. Lavender-blue flowers in June and July. Droughgt tolerant. Dry, well drained soil and a full sun. 24-28 inches. Zones 3-9.   View Image

Iris pallida 'Aurea Variegata'
$12.85 A nice variegated iris with distinct yellow margins and green foliage. A bit slow growing. Lavender-blue flowers.   View Image

Monarda bradburiana 'Leading Lady Lilac'
$8.85 Dryish, acidic soils in open, rocky woods. Pinkish to whitish, purple-spotted flowers.   View Image

Monarda didyma 'Grape Gumball'
$16.85 Dense purple flowers perfect for the middle of the flower bed. 20-24"". Z4-9.   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Big Ben'
$18.85 Fragrant double deep red, good cut flower. 30"".   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Bunker Hill'
$18.85 Deep pink blossoms edged in white. 30-36""   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Henry Bockstoce'
$18.85 Double, rich red blooms with centers shaped like rosebuds. hgt: 30-36 in. Plant in full sun or partial shade with avergae moisture.   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Inspecteur Lavergne'
$18.85 (Doriat 1924) Globe-shaped bright crimson flowers with pale edges. Fragrant. Mid-season. 31 inches. Full sun.   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Paul M. Wild'
$18.85 A double red peony that reaches 24-36"". Blooms in mid-summer.   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Coral Sunset'
$18.85 Semi-double coral with a rose accent. Early season. 32"". Mildly fragrant.   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Florence Nichols'
$18.85 Large fully double pale pink with a sweet scent.   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Morning Kiss'
$21.85 Large tight fully double soft pink blooms fading to pale pink. Very Fragrant. 36-48""0 Z3-9.  

Paeonia lactiflora 'Nancy Nora'
$18.85 Deep vibrant pink flowers create a luxurious display in early-to-mid summer. Sports deep green foliage and is a rounded growth form.   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Paula Fay'
$18.85 Deep pink single flowers. Sunny, well drained soil. 24"".   View Image

Paeonia lactiflora 'Whopper'
$18.85 Slightly fragrant large 6"" satin pink blooms with a creamy yellow center. 34"".   View Image

Paeonia Itoh 'Bartzella'
$45.85 Yellow double blooms on dark green dissected foliage, slightly spicy scent. 36"". Zones 4-9.   View Image

Paeonia Itoh 'Julia Rose'
$72.85 Large double blossoms, soft apricot, blending to reddish-purple at thye tips,stand above lush toothed foliage. 28-30"". Zones 4-9.  

Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Denim 'n Lace'
$12.85 Compact with a stronger stem with more upright habit. Lacy-like bright sky blue with amethyst calyxes. 28-32"". Z4-9.   View Image

Phlox paniculata 'Cleopatra'
$12.85 Unique soft fragrant star-shaped cherry-pink double blooms with an extra layer of petals, dark green foliage, long-lasting. 24"". Z4-9.   View Image

Phlox paniculata 'Sherbet Cocktail'
$12.85 First phlox to show yellow in petals. Smallish pink and white flowers with green-yellow edges in large clusters. Buds yellow encased in chocolate-maroon bracts. Fragrant blooms summer to early or mid autumn. 28"". Zone 4.   View Image

Phlox paniculata 'Eden's Glory'
$8.85 Pure white phlox. Blooms July through September, and prefers full sun to part shade and moist soil. 2 feet. Zone 4-8.   View Image

Rodgersia tabularis
$14.85 Large circular leaves dark green with creamy white sprays of flowers in mid summer. 24-36"".   View Image

Sedum x 'Jose Aubergine'
$9.85 Deep rich eggpalnt foliage with bright pink flowers. 24"" Full sun. Excelent container Sedum.  

Thalictrum aquilegifolium 'Thundercloud'
$12.85 Attractive foliage with dark purple flowers. 36"". Zones 5-7.   View Image

Tiarella cordifolia 'Spring Symphony'
$8.85 The foliage is compact and painted with black along the mid-rib. Palmate, clumping and neat, but the pink flowers are amazing! Humidity resistant. 10"". Zone 4.   View Image

Trollius x cultorum 'Orange Crest'
$8.85 This compact selection has large flowers in a soft orange shade, with a darker orange centre. Sometimes called Buttercups, these grow well in a sunny or part-shaded border, also at the edge of a moist woodland. Flowers will last a few days when cut. Shear plants back after blooming to encourage a flush of new leaves to last through the summer. Clumps may be easily divided in fall or early spring.   View Image

Veronica x 'Enchanted Indigo'
$12.85 Short, compact, full clump of bright green, somewhat glossy foliage topped with enchanting royal purple flower wands. Full sun, moist well drained soil. 16-18"". Z4-8.   View Image

Veronica x 'White Wands'
$12.85 Narrow flower spikes that look like colorful white wands. 14-16"". Z4-8.   View Image

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