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HOSTA (Plantain Lily)
  One of the best low-maintenance perennials in existence and exceedingly popular. Hostas increase in value with each year, never needing any maintenance except to cut out old flower stalks or to divide the clumps. Takes about 5 years to reach mature size.  

Hosta 'Abba Dabba Do'
$12.85 Huge mound of variegated wavy foliage with gold margins. Sport of 'Sun Power'. 28"" tall by 60"" wide.  

Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
$19.85 (Walden West) Large round dark blue cup-shaped leaves. Depths of cups have been measured at 4"". Near white flowers. Tokudama type. 16"" high by 14"" wide.  

Hosta 'Abiqua Moonbeam'
$15.85 Large heart shaped blue green leaves with a wide white margins and white flowers. 26"" tall by 30"" wide.  

Hosta 'Abiqua Recluse'
$8.85 brighten a deeply shaded area with the glossy yellow heart-shaped foliage. Some puckering. Slug resisitant. Very vigorous. 23"" tall by 48"" wide.  

Hosta 'Allen P. McConnell'
$8.85 Very round and dense mound of smooth green foliage with thin, white margins. Distinctive. 13"".  

Hosta 'American Sweetheart'
$10.85 Glossy green leaves with dramatic creamy white central patterns! Blooms in midsummer. Prefers light shade and moist soil. 20"". Zones 3-8.  

Hosta 'August Moon'
$10.85 (Summers) Large wrinkled golden leaves that will brighten up any dark spot in your shade garden. White flowers boast a touch of lavender. 24-36"".  

Hosta 'Barbara Ann'
$16.85 Thick corrugated blue-green foilage with a wide creamy white margin. Forms a mound 20"" with creamy white flowers just peaking out in august.  

Hosta 'Beauty Substance'
$14.85 Large corrugated green leaves with gold edging. Very large, clump forming. White flower in summer.  

Hosta 'Beckoning'
$15.85 A large sport of H. 'Blue Angel.' Gold leaves with wide blue-green rippled margin. Huge heart-shaped leaves are lightly cupped and glaucus. 30"" high by 48"" wide.  

Hosta 'Big Mama'
$16.85 (Aden) Large, blue puckered leaves, off-white flowers in July. A large hosta reaching a height of up to 36"". Very slug resistant!  

Hosta 'Black Hills'
$11.85 Shiny, dark green, wavy foliage is heavily corrugated and very attractive. Pale lavender flowers. 22"".  

Hosta 'Blue Angel'
$17.85 (Aden) Huge blue leaves with heavy texture. Outstanding display of white flowers. Beautiful specimen plant. 30"". Slug resistant.  

Hosta 'Blue Belle'
$8.85 (Tardiana hybrid) Intense blue-green foliage. White lavander blooming in mid summer. 14"" by 24"". Slug resistant.  

Hosta 'Blue Blazes'
$12.85 Large rounded and crinkled blue leaves. Good growth rate. Lavender flowers on 38"" scapes. 24-38"".  

Hosta 'Blue Boy'
$8.85 Popular choice! Dense mound of blue-green foliage. White flowers. Vigorous. 19"" tall by 45"" wide.  

Hosta 'Blue Cadet'
$8.85 Small dense mounds of blue, heavily textured leaves. Excellent for edging, large masses. Dark lavender flowers in July. Slug resistant. 15"".  

Hosta 'Blue Dimples'
$8.85 One of the bluest cultivars developed. Deep blue, thick foliage. Pale lavender flowers in July. 18"" tall by 45"" wide.  

Hosta 'Blue Dolphin'
$18.85 Heart shaped leaves have heavily impressed veins. Unique blue-green color, especially noticeable in low light. 3' clumped topped with pale lavender flowers in summer.  

Hosta 'Blue Ivory'
$18.85 Ivory leaves with a deep blue center 10-18"" tall and 12 -15"" around. Lavender spikes bloom in July. A very unique and striking Hosta. Zones 2-8.  

Hosta 'Blue Jay'
$18.85 Powder blue rounded leaves. A great small Hosta. Lavender flowers in late spring. 8"" tall by 20"" wide.  

Hosta 'Blue Mammoth'
$19.85 This is a great choice for the large Hosta collector. The powdered blue giant has heavily corrugated leaves and stately white bell-shaped flowers during the summer. Will reach 3' tall and 5' across with maturity.  

Hosta 'Blue Moon'
$8.85 Heart-shaped cupped foliage of blue-green. Heavy substance. Near white flowers. Can be incorporated into the shady rock garden or as a ground cover. Slug-resistant. 12"".  

Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'
$12.85 2008 HOSTA OF THE YEAR! Blue-green leaves creating a 1' perfectly symmetrical clump with short spikes of lavander flowers in mid to late summer. Part to full shade with moist well drianed soil. 6"". Zones 4-8.  

Hosta 'Blue River'
$16.85 Great medium sized Hosta with blue leaves that have a thin cream margin. Lavender flowers. 15-18"" tall by 20"" wide.  

Hosta 'Blue Seer'
$8.85 (Aden) Large, intense blue, puckered leaves of heavy substance. White flowers. Good specimen plant. 24"".  

Hosta 'Blue Umbrella'
$10.85 Blue foliage with interesting texture. Lavender flowers in mid summer. Fast grower. 36"" by 60"". Slug resistant.  

Hosta 'Blue Vision'
$9.85 An outstanding cultivar with deep blue-green corrugated foliage. Responds well to heavy fertilization and water. White flowers. Very slug resistant. 25"" tall, 46"" wide.  

Hosta 'Blue Wedgewood'
$9.85 A very popular hosta with metallic blue wedge-shaped foliage. Useful as an edger or a ground cover. Rapid grower. Pale lavender flowers. Very slug resistant. 19"" tall by 44"" wide.  

Hosta 'Bold Edger'
$10.85 8"" long leaves with a margin that changes from yellow to white during the season. Lavender flowers open in early to mid-July on 28"" scapes.  

Hosta 'Bressingham Blue'
$10.85 Blue heart shaped leaves with white flowers. Full shade. 20"".  

Hosta 'Bright Lights'
$15.85 Very popular in the last ten years! Leaves are puckered, gold-centered with blue-green margins. White flowers. A fast grower. 12-24"".  

Hosta 'Brim Cup'
$9.85 A small hosta. 10-15"" tall. Rich green seer suckered leaves with wide irregular white leaf margins. light lavender flowers appear in mid-summer.  

Hosta 'Brother Ronald'
$12.85 Deep blue-green leaves, up to 7"" by 4 1/2"". Thick substance. White flowers in August. Good slug resistance. 16"" tall by 35"" wide.  

Hosta 'Brother Stephan'
$18.85 Large heavily corrugated gold leaves with dark green edges. Near white flowers in summer.  

Hosta 'Canadian Blue'
$10.85 Beautiful deep powdery-blue foliage is textured and cupped. Fragrant flowers. Medium-large size at 32"".  

Hosta 'Carnival'
$11.85 Green foliage with yellow margins. Lavender flowers bloom July to August. 30"".  

Hosta 'Cathedral Windows'
$21.85 Large heart shaped leaves glow from the yellow center. Near white flowers are very fragrant.  

Hosta 'Christmas Tree'
$10.85 Heavily corrugated green leaves with creamy margins. Lavender flowers. Nice specimen plant. Rapid grower! 24"" by 48"".  

Hosta 'Coerulea'
$8.85 Small green leaves with casts of blue. Violet flowers to 30"".  

Hosta 'Corkscrew'
$18.85 Dark green leaves are twisted, resembling a corkscrew. These architecturally interesting leaves are topped with 20"" lavender flower scapes. Fast grower, clumps 6-10"" tall. Shade/part shade. Zones 2-8.  

Hosta 'Crusader'
$8.85 Narrow yellow to creamy white margins on dark green heart-shaped crinkled leaves. Good substance. Pale lavender flowers. 18"".  

Hosta 'Cutting Edge'
$16.85 Glossy blue leaves with a very distinctive curvy edge. Blooms in summer and prefers light shade. Grows 22"" tall. Zones 3-8.  

Hosta 'Daybreak'
$12.85 Unusual sprawling mound habit and brilliant gold foliage make this plant a great speciman, ground cover, or background plant. 24"" tall by 60"" wide.  

Hosta 'Dark Shadows'
$18.85 Think heart-shapped leaves with gentle ruffles. Blue leaves with a charteuse yellow edge which fades to a green as the summer progresses. Pale lavender flowers early summer, Large clump.  

Hosta 'Dark Star'
$8.85 Medium narrow bluish leaves that are edged in cream that make an arching clump in a short time. Lavender flowers bloom in late summer. ""Dark Star"" will stand out in your garden! 16"".  

Hosta 'Dawn's Early Light'
$19.85 This new introduction from Olga Petryszyn makes a fast-growing, 3' wide mound of corrugated foliage, brilliant gold in spring, changing to a chartreuse color by summer. Essentially, this is a ""Golden Tokudama"" that grows quickly and does not scorch. In early summer, the clumps are topped with 30"" scapes of light lavender flowers.  

Hosta 'Deep Blue Sea'
$18.85 Deep blue leaves are cupped and intensly corrugated. Medium sized mound at maturity. Near white closed flowers.  

Hosta 'Dew Drop'
$8.85 Attractive foliage. Each leaf boasts dark green centers with creamy-white margins. Lavender flowers. A nice hosta for the rock garden or small areas.  

Hosta 'Diana Remembered'
$10.85 Very dark green centers with a broad cream/white edge. Very fragrant four inch white flowers. Elegant! 28"".  

Hosta 'Dick Ward'
$18.85 Corrugated golden leaves with a wide dark green border. 14"" tall forming a 36"" wide clump. Lavender flowers in late sping. Zones 3-8.  

Hosta 'Dorset Blue'
$8.85 Outstanding dwarf. Intense, powdery blue foliage. White flowers. Very slug resistant. 10"" tall by 24"" wide.  

Hosta 'Dream Weaver'
$15.85 Thick creamy-white leaves with wide blue-green edges. White flowers. 18"" high and 2-3' wide.  

Hosta 'Earth Angel'
$14.85 This giant Hosta with a large blue-green leaf and creamy white edge. 3' tall and 5' wide.  

Hosta 'El Nino'
$12.85 Blue leaves with bright white edging. Lilac colored flowers. Full shade for best blue color. 16-20"".  

Hosta 'Elvis Lives'
$14.85 Wavy blue slender foliage, lavender flowers. Very unique! 18"" tall by 48"" wide.  

Hosta 'Emma'
$18.85 9' high by 18' wide , white Variegated.  

Hosta 'Empress Wu'
$21.85 The world's largest Hosta! Empress Wu reaches over 4' at maturity with gigantic two-foot leaves. Leaves are deeply veined. Pale lavender blooms early to mid-summer. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Erie Magic'
$15.85 Green leaves with a green gold margin, very subtle, pale lavender flowers on 30"" shaft. 25"" tall by 48"" wide.  

Hosta 'Eternal Flame'
$18.85 Quilted black-green leaves and light lavender flowers in midsummer. Prefer part sun to light shade. 10"". Zones 3-8.  

Hosta 'Evelyn McCafferty'
$9.85 Attractive, blue-green, heart-shaped puckered leaves. Lovely white flowers. 24"".  

Hosta 'Eventide'
$8.85 In no time a couple of plants becomes a large mound of ruffled green foliage with a narrow white margin. 20"" tall by 24"" wide.  

Hosta 'Firn Line'
$12.85 Blue green heart shaped leaves w/ white margins; up to 18""; Z 3-9  

Hosta 'First Frost'
$18.85 This fantastic sport of 'Halcyon' has beautiful blue leaves edged in creamy margins. light lavedner flowers in mid summer. 24"" tall by 36"" wide. 2010 Hosta of the year!  

Hosta 'Flamboyant'
$8.85 (Aden) Beautiful large leaves of green, chartreuse and yellow edged with cream margins. Lavender flowers. 14"".  

Hosta fortunei 'Albo-picta'
$8.85 Soft yellow leaves with pale green edges. The green edges darken as the season extends, resulting in a pleasant two tone green effect along with the yellow center. 12"".  

Hosta fortunei 'Aureo-Marginata'
$8.85 This hosta has an attractive gold border surrounding a deep green leaf. Slug resistant. Tolerates sun well. Lavender flowers. 12-24"".  

Hosta fortunei 'Francee'
$8.85 Dark green leaves edged with a stunning white margin that persists throughout the season. Lavender flowers. Good as a ground cover. Sun tolerant. Rapid grower. 21"" tall by 50"" wide. A favorite with our customers.  

Hosta fortunei 'Fire & Ice'
$15.85 Very attractive hosta with the strongest dark/light contrast ever. Very dark green margins with a lustrous, glistening white center. 12"" by 20"".  

Hosta 'Fragrant Blue'
$10.85 Small blue foliage forms a clump 8"" tall by 12"" wide. Lavender buds open to the palest lavender almost white flowers.  

Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'
$12.85 1998 AMERICAN HOSTA GROWERS HOSTA OF THE YEAR! (Aden) Apple green foliage with irregular light yellow margins. Extremely fragrant white flowers. Rapid grower, pest resistant. Tolerant of some sun. 22 in. by 48 in.  

Hosta 'Fringe Benefit'
$8.85 A large hosta with green heart-shaped leaves edged with white. A rapid grower. Pest resistant. A real beauty for the background. Pale lavender flowers. 36"".  

Hosta 'Frosted Mouse Ears'
$16.85 A ""mini"" Hosta that only reaches 7"" in height and 18"" in width at maturity. This hosta offers a dark green center with a creamy white leaf margin and clusters of purple flowers in July.  

Hosta 'Ginko Craig'
$8.85 Narrow dark green foliage with white margins. Used as edging plants or as a ground cover. Purple striped blossoms. 12"".  

Hosta 'Gold Drop'
$8.85 A nice hosta for the foreground. Small gold leaves that will brighten up a dark spot in the shade garden. Lavender flowers. 6-12"".  

Hosta 'Gold Regal'
$8.85 Large gold leaves that forms a vase-shaped clump. Beautiful specimen plant. Lavender flowers. 36"".  

Hosta 'Gold Scepter'
$8.85 (Savory,83) Yellow heart-shaped `quilted' foliage. 12"" tall, 18"" wide.  

Hosta 'Gold Standard'
$8.85 light green leaves sprout in spring, eventually turning lightgold by summer. Dark green margins are prominent all season. Early sun will bring out the golden color. All time favorite! 22"" tall, 60"" wide.  

Hosta 'Golden Bullion'
$8.85 (Bennerup 1989) Pale yellow foliage with a greenish tinge. Cupped leaves. Leaves can measure up to 6"" in length. Heavy substance. Slug resistant. Near white flowers. 16"".  

Hosta 'Golden Sculpture'
$12.85 16"" long bright gold leaves. Near white flowers stand on 40"" scapes. 33"" high by 72"" wide. Very impressive backround plant!  

Hosta 'Golden Tiara'
$8.85 (Savory 1977) bright green leaves with light yellow edging. A nice small Hosta that forms a good size clumping habit relatively quick. 6-12"" Purple/lavender flowers.  

Hosta 'Grand Tiara'
$12.85 A sport of H. 'Golden Tiara' has a wider and more pronounced bright gold margin with a narrow dark green center. Purple flowers. 10-15"".  

Hosta 'Great Expectations'
$14.85 20"". Z3-9.  

Hosta 'Green Fountain'
$8.85 Shiny green leaves below interesting red stems and pinkish lavender flowers in mid-summer makes this hosta a nice addition to any garden. 12-30"".  

Hosta 'Guacamole'
$12.85 2002 HOSTA OF THE YEAR. Bold, showy contrast between the dark margin and the chartreuse center. Large, fragrant flowers. Very fast growth rate on a large and impressive hosta. 24 inches by 54 inches.  

Hosta 'Guardian Angel'
$14.85 Very nice deep dark green irregular edges, the center is almost cream but is overlaid with a fine green mist. Heavy substance and white flowers. 28"" tall by 55"" wide.  

Hosta 'Gunsmoke'
$19.85 Shiny metallic-blue leaves with a rippled margin. 30"" tall foliage spreading to a width of 65"". Lavender flowers over 36"" tall scapes in late spring. Zones 3-8.  

Hosta 'Gypsy Rose'
$19.85 High contrast white leaf with bold deep green edge. Shade. 14-16"".  

Hosta 'Hadspen Blue'
$8.85 One of the bluest cultivars ever developed - which remains blue throughout most of the summer. Beautiful, solid, heavily-textured foliage. Pale lavender flowers. 18"" tall, 48"" wide.  

Hosta 'Halcyon'
$8.85 Chalky blue foliage. Heavy substance. White flowers. Forms a dense medium-sized mound. Good slug resistance. 16"" tall.  

Hosta 'Handy Hatfield'
$18.85 Hosta 'Handy Hatfield' measures 30""x 16"" with 20"" bloom scapes. The leaves are brassy yellow, puckered and have a broad green margin. Flowers are lavender.  

Hosta 'Hanky Panky'
$19.85 A sport of 'Strip Tease' with dark green foliage and a light green margin separated by a white thread. 13"" tall with lavender flowers.  

Hosta 'Heartsong'
$8.85 Medium green foliage with a cream colored margin. Lavender flowers in July-Aug. 14"" tall by 14"" wide.  

Hosta 'Hi Ho Silver'
$8.85 Sport of hosta 'Ginko Craig' and a real beauty. Strong contrast between the dark green foliage and wide white margins. Lavender flowers in midsummer. 10-12"" tall. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'High Tide'
$19.85 Thick dusty blue leaves are heavily textured and feature a rippled edge. Forms a nice 1' tall by 3' across clump topped in late summer with medium lavender flowers on 20"" stalks. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Holy Mouse Ears'
$16.85 This ""mini"" Hosta reaches a height of only 6"" and a width of 16"" at maturity. Bluish/Green leaf margins with a yellow to vreamy white center. Dense clusters of purple flowers in July.  

Hosta 'Honeybells'
$8.85 Pleasant medium green to light green foliage with wavy slightly puckered leaf margins. Leaves have a slight shine to the surface. Fragrant pale lavender flowers. 24"" tall by 50"" wide.  

Hosta 'Honeysong'
$8.85 Medium green leaves with a wide creamy white edge. Lavender flowers. 18"".  

Hosta 'Hoosier Homecoming'
$14.85 Heavily puckered cream edged, gold centered leaves that tend to form a cup, white flowers. 20"" high by 36"" wide.  

Hosta 'Humpback Whale'
$22.85 Honoring the late ""Queen of Hostas"", Mildred Seaver. First commercial offering of this hosta which forms a massive, dome-shaped mound of blue/green, currogated, heart shaped leaves. Near-white flowers.  

Hosta 'Hydon Sunset'
$8.85 Small hosta with heart-shaped gold leaves in the spring that turn green by midsummer. Small enough for the front of the border. 8"" tall, 22"" wide.  

Hosta 'Ice Age Trail'
$21.85 Frosty blue leaves and streaks of gold. Color darkens to green and creamy white in mid-summer. Tolerates salt, and prefers full shade and moist soil. 16"".  

Hosta 'Ice Prancer'
$21.85 Thick wedge shaped leaves with attractive ripling have rich dark blue color. Very slug resistant. Large lavender flowers mid summer. 15-22"" shade/part shade. Zones 2-9.  

Hosta 'Inniswood'
$14.85 (Inniswood Gardens) bright gold-centered, heart-shaped puckered foliage with deep green margins. Good slug resistance. Lavender flowers. Great speciman. Slow grower. 22"" tall, 48"" wide.  

Hosta 'Invincible'
$8.85 Very shiny dark green foliage, each leaf is 8"" long by 6"" wide. Smooth texture. Fragrant lavender flowers in August.  

Hosta 'Irish Eyes'
$12.85 Grey-green leaves with a creamy-white edge, beautiful hybrid of 'Beatrice' x 'Reginald Kaye'. Flowers are pale lavender. Medium sized hosta for full to partial shade.  

Hosta 'Island Charm'
$16.85 A small Hosta, looking like that of Hosta 'Great Expectations'. Violet flowers. 8 inches.  

Hosta 'Janet'
$9.85 Center of leaves are chartreuse yellow with a narrow green margin, pale lavender flowers. Forms a medium to large size clump making an excellent specimen with its bright coloring. 18"" tall by 40"" wide.  

Hosta 'June'
$14.85 2001 HOSTA OF THE YEAR. Very striking and refined. Soft gold centered leaves with a blue green margin. June will retain her gold color in shade or bleach to creamy white in sunnier positions. 16"" by 37"".  

Hosta 'Katherine Lewis'
$10.85 bright gold leaves edged in blue. A seedling from 'Halcyon.' Lavender flowers. 18-24"" high x 36"" wide. Very nice!  

Hosta 'Komodo Dragon'
$18.85 A giant hosta mounding to 3' tall by 7' wide. Large dark green leaves are heavily ruffled. White flowers with the slightest tint of lavender rise above the plant in early to mid summer. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Krossa Regal'
$8.85 (Krossa/Summers 1980) A gorgeous hosta that demnads attention of the eye.Upright vase-shaped growth habit with frosty blue foliage. Sturdy flower scapes reaching up to 5'! Slug-resistant. 33"" tall, 71"" wide. Great centerpiece for your garden!  

Hosta 'Lakeside Cha Cha'
$12.85 Long wavy leaves are soft golden green with a white edge. Lavender flowers. 14"" tall by 27"" wide.  

Hosta 'Lemon Lime'
$9.85 Small chartreuse leaves on plant 12"" high by 18"" wide. Sun tolerant.  

Hosta 'Leola Fraim'
$8.85 Attractive heart-shaped leaves with thick creamy white margins and green centers. Pale lavender flowers. Medium size. 22"" by 50"". Full to part shade.  

Hosta 'Liberty'
$18.85 A sport of 'Sagae,' with very wide yellow margins which turn creamy white. A very thick slug-resistent leaf. 26"" wide by 40"" tall.  

Hosta 'Little Black Scape'
$8.85 Chartreuse leaves. Best color in full sun, near black flower scapes develop to contrast. 10"" tall by 24"" wide. Flowers reach 22"".  

Hosta 'Love Pat'
$12.85 Stunning blue thick foliage that is cupped and corrugated. Upright, vase-shaped growth habit. Pale lavender flowers. 20"". Slug resistant. Voted one of the top ten favorite hostas of the American Hosta Society.  

Hosta 'Lucy Vitols'
$12.85 Yellow-green leaves with a narrow green margin. Intense puckering and rugosity. 15-22"".  

Hosta 'Majesty'
$16.85 A beautiful dark green leaf with creamy-yellow margins that turn to white and has better color if it has afternoon sun. Deep lavander flowers that hang downwards and blooms mid summer. Part shade with moist well drained soil. 18"" tall and 39"" wide.  

Hosta 'Mighty Mouse'
$19.85 Variegated sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears'. Blue-green leaves have a creamy yellow margin and reach a height of 8 inches. 12"" flower scapesappear in mid summer and are topped with lavender flowers. Shade.  

Hosta 'Millennium'
$18.85 This giant hosta commands attention once it reaches maturity. Its deep blue-green leaves are couragated and it's vase like growth habitate makes it stand out. Pure white flowers on dense stems in late summer. 54"" wide by 36"" high. Shade.  

Hosta 'Mini Skirt'
$16.85 Petite,wavy,thick, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins. Pale lavender blooms. 5"". Z3-9.  

Hosta 'Mississippi Delta'
$19.85 A superb large leaf Hosta with blue-grey leaves that have a slight ripple. 32"" tall and 60"" wide. Pure white flowers on top of 40"" flower scapes. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta montana
$8.85 Large glossy green heart-shaped leaves with near white flowers on 36"" stems in July. Very nice upright growth habit.  

Hosta montana 'Aureomarginata'
$19.85 Graceful long-pointing green leaves with irregular margins of yellow turning to cream later in the season. Pale lavender flowers. Outstanding specimen plant. 27"" tall by 68"" wide.  

Hosta 'Moonlight Sonata'
$12.85 Blue-green leaves are rounded, cupped and corrugated. Upright habit with near white flowers. Does well in rich, moist, well drained soil. 36"" by 30"".  

Hosta 'Moon River'
$8.85 Blue green heart-shaped leaves with a wide white margin. Small to mid-size with a compact growth habit. Handsome.  

Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'
$16.85 Stunning! Green leaves with a white center stripe. Lavender flower blooms on 30 tall scapes. 18"".  

Hosta 'Northern Exposure'
$14.85 Flat, puckered, blue-green foliage with a wide yellow-green margin fading to cream. White flowers. Nice specimen plant. 36"".  

Hosta 'Pacific Blue Edger'
$9.85 A rapidly growing blue hosta forming pinwheel mounds. The dark green leaves have silver margins with excellent substance. 12"".  

Hosta 'Pandora's Box'
$18.85 A beautiful dwarf hosta growing only 4-6"" tall. Shiny green foliage has white centers to add some interest to any garden. Tiny lavender blooms in mid summer. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Paradise Joyce'
$12.85 Oval creamy yellow leaves with a dark margin. White flowers. 20"" tall by 24"" wide.  

Hosta 'Parhelion'
$18.85 The sister of Hosta sum and substance. Beautiful large foliage with thin white margins. Lavender flowers in late summer. Prefers some shade. 32"" tall and 48"" wide. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Paul's Glory'
$16.85 1999 Hosta of the Year! Gold heart-shaped leaves bordered by a blue-green streaked margin. The center fades to white in the summer if plant receives direct sunlight. Lavender flowers bloom in early summer. Fast grower. 25"" tall, 55"" wide.  

Hosta 'Peanut'
$16.85 This ""mini"" Hosta offers a small growth habit of 6""x18"" at maturity. Dark heavily currugated green leaf, with a margin that sometimes streaks into the creamy yellow to white center.  

Hosta 'Pearl Lake'
$8.85 Medium green heart-shaped foliage, emerging in the spring with a hint of blue. Lavender flowers. Fast growing. 16"".  

Hosta 'Peedee Gold Flash'
$18.85 (Herz, 87) Yellow lanceolate leaves with bright green margins. Purple flowers. 10"".  

Hosta 'Pilgrim'
$15.85 Heart-shaped light green leaves bordered with creamy white edgess. Clumps are 20"" width. Spendid light lavender flowers bloom in midsummer. light shade to shade.  

Hosta 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake'
$18.85 Large long lance-shaped leaves that emerge blue-green or green, then the leaf turns yellow gold. light lavender flower scapes in late summer. Prefer morning sun and does very well in most shade. 66"" wide by 20"" high.  

Hosta 'Pizzaz'
$15.85 (Alden,86) Heart-shaped, frosted blue-green foliage with white margins accented with slight yellow streaks. Slug resistant. 22"". Beautiful specimen plant.  

Hosta plantiginea 'Grandiflora'
$8.85 This hosta is famous for its large pure white fragrant flowers that open in August and September. They form neat clumps of light green leaves 18-22"" high. 2003 Hosta of the Year.  

Hosta plantiginea 'Summer Fragrance'
$16.85 Kevin C. Vaughn 1983. A plantaginea hybrid with large medium green leaves with a wide, irregular white margin. Very fragrant and large lavender-purple flowers. A plantaginea hybrid, this is one of my favorite fragrant hostas. It forms a large graceful mound of medium green leaves with white margins. 24-36"".  

Hosta 'Potomac Pride'
$8.85 Large thick shiny, dark green foliage. Bluish-purple flowers. Fast growth rate. 24"" tall, 50"" wide. Very nice!  

Hosta 'Powder Blue'
$18.85 Thick powdery blue foliage is extremely slug-resistant. 29"" tall with lavender flowers.  

Hosta 'Praying Hands'
$16.85 This unique Hosta has strangly twisted and folded dark green leaves making it look like many hands in prayer and also has a creamy margin. Lavander flowers that bloom late summer. Full to part shade with moist well drained soil. 12-18"" tall and wide. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Red October'
$10.85 A fine red-petioled hosta with long, slender blue tinted leaves with dark red stems extending onto the leaf blades. Overall form more slender and refined. 10"" tall by 20"" wide.  

Hosta 'Regal Splendor'
$16.85 (Walters 87) A sport of H. 'Krossa Regal'. Frosty blue leaves with a creamy yellow border. Lavender flowers. 36"". Beautiful!  

Hosta 'Remember Me'
$16.85 Named after Sandy DeBoer who succumed to breast cancer with beautiful heart shaped leaves and a wide creamy center surrounded with cool blue-green shades. Lavander flowers that bloom mid summer. Part shade and moist well drained soil. Slug resistant. 12"" tall and 18"" wide. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Revolution'
$12.85 One of the most beautiful hostas we know. Bold dark outer foliage with a very speckled, creamy center. Very distinctive. 18"" high by 24"" wide.  

Hosta 'Risky Business'
$18.85 Pure white center, and in midsummer, clumps are topped with violet flowers. Prefers sun to light shade. 20"" tall. Zones 3-8.  

Hosta 'Robert Frost'
$14.85 Impressive mound of contrasting bluish-centered and creamy white margined leaves. White flowers. Very pretty. 24"" tall by 50"" wide.  

Hosta 'Royal Crest'
$14.85 Medium green, shiny leaves that show heavier substance than traditional fragrant varieties; large white flowers; 28""; Z 3-9; very hardy; full/partial shade or sun  

Hosta 'Royal Standard'
$8.85 A real beauty and one of our favorite hosta! This variety has all the assets of a valuable garden perennial. Glossy green foliage with a profusion of white fragrant flowers in August through September, providing a burst of late summer color. We have a large planting under a Yellowwood tree that creates comments from our customers every year. Sun tolerant. 26"" tall and 63"" wide.  

Hosta 'Sagae'
$12.85 2000 HOSTA OF THE YEAR Award Winner! More popular every year! Large, heart-shaped foliage of frosty-blue, irregular creamy gold margins. Heavy substance keeps slugs at bay. Lavender flowers. 31"" tall by 70"" wide.  

Hosta 'Sea Beacon'
$18.85 Large leaves, green centers with a wide white margin, lavender flowers. A fine spreading specimen. 22"" by 50"".  

Hosta 'Sea Fire'
$12.85 light golden yellow leaves with red petioles. Leaves darkening with maturity. Lavender flowers on reddish scapes. 16"" tall by 32"" wide.  

Hosta 'Sea Lotus Leaf'
$12.85 (Seaver 85) Thick blue-green cupped, crinkled foliage. White flowers in June. 20"".  

Hosta 'September Sun'
$13.85 This mid-sized hosta is a beautiful sport of the popular H. 'August Moon'-same form and gold colored center but with a bright green margin added. Lavender flowers appear in mid-summer. 22"" tall by 34"" wide.  

Hosta 'Serendipity'
$8.85 Small, rounded blue-green foliage. Forms a neat, dense clump. Attractive lavender flowers. 10-14"" tall, 36"" wide.  

Hosta 'Shade Fanfare'
$8.85 (Alden) light green leaves with a wide, cream margin. Lavender flowers. Rapid grower. 25"".  

Hosta 'Showboat'
$14.85 Broad elongated dark foliage with a wide-creamy white margin. The edges of each leaf turns up a bit. Large in size. 12"" high by 30"" wide.  

Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'
$14.85 Large corrugated blue-gray leaves. White flowers with a tinge of lavender 24"". Slug resistant.  

Hosta sieboldiana 'Frances Williams'
$10.85 Make a statement! Large puckered leaves are blue-green with gold margins that deepen in color as the season continues. White flowers. Slug resistant. 28"" tall, 63"" wide.  

Hosta sieboldii 'Kabitan'
$8.85 Cream leaves with broad dark green margins. Leaves have a very thin, almost papery texture, a slightly shiny surface and a ruffled margin. Grows up to 10"" tall.  

Hosta 'Sleeping Beauty'
$18.85 Sport of 'Halcyon.' Pointed, frosty blue-green leaves with cream margin. A superb grower with thick slug resistant foliage. 15"" wide by 20"".  

Hosta 'Snowcap'
$12.85 (Alden 80) Blue-green leaves with creamy-white margins. Heavy substance. White flowers. Can attain a height of over 22"". Slug resistant.  

Hosta 'Snowden'
$9.85 Outstanding mound of blue-green heart-shaped foliage. White flowers. 27"" tall, 50"" wide.  

Hosta 'Snowflake'
$8.85 This small hosta has lanceolate, medium green leaves leaves and white flowers. Very floriferous.  

Hosta 'So Sweet'
$8.85 1996 HOSTA OF THE YEAR. (Alden,86) Green shiny leaves with a wide, white margin. Very fragrant white flowers. Very good sun tolerance. Good container plant. 20"".  

Hosta 'Stained Glass'
$21.85 This award-wining sport of the well-known 'Guacamole' has the same rapid growth and big mounded form of the parent but with strong contrast between the yellow-green leaf and the deep green margins and streaks. Lavendar flowers. 15"" tall and 32"" wide.  

Hosta 'Stetson'
$9.85 A medium sized hosta with nice puckered yellow leaves that have light green leaf margins. 10"" tall by 12"" wide.  

Hosta 'Strip Tease'
$8.85 2005 HOSTA OF THE YEAR. Medium-sized hosta. The leaves are heart shaped with broad dark green margins, a large yellow splash through the center and occasional small white streaks. 20"" by 24"".  

Hosta 'Sultana'
$12.85 A hosta on a smaller scale, 10"" high by 20"" wide. Sultana has green leaf centers with a gold margin and pale lavender flowers to 18"".  

Hosta 'Sum & Substance'
$12.85 2004 HOSTA OF THE YEAR. Chartreuse gold, glossy, textured leaves form an immense mound. Foliage color becomes brighter with more exposure to light. Slug resistant. Lavender flowers in late summer. Beautiful specimen plant. 31"" tall by 70"" wide.  

Hosta 'Sum & Up'
$19.85 Beautiful green hosta with yellow-gold margin! Prefers part to full shade. 24-36"". Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Sum of All'
$18.85 Large shiny green centered leaves with a variable gold margin. Lavander flowers that blooms in late summer. Slug resistant. Full to part shade with moist well drained soil. 3-4'. Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Sundance'
$8.85 Sport of H. `Aoki.' Dark green leaves with a variegated edge changing from white in full sun to a golden color in the shade. Performs well in full-sun with moisture. Lavender flowers. 12-24 "".  

Hosta 'Sun Power'
$8.85 This very large grower has heart-shaped gold leaves with a wavy twisting edge. Rapid-growing cultivar with lavender flowers. 3-4'.  

Hosta 'Super Nova'
$12.85 (Zilis 1999) A reversed H. 'Aurora Borealis' sport. Wider margins. Does not burn as badly as some other gold-centered, blue-green margined plants. 24"".  

Hosta 'Sweet Tater Pie'
$8.85 bright gold leafed hosta. Blade-like foliage with wavy edges. Fast grower. Small to medium in size. 6-10"".  

Hosta 'Tambourine'
$8.85 Tambourine' is a Lachman hybrid that has beautiful heart shaped leaves with a wide creamy leaf margin. Red leaf petioles provide additional interest. The vigorous grower forms an upright clump of foliage with lavender flowers in early summer. 15"".  

Hosta 'Tea & Crumpets'
$14.85 The leaves are cupped and crinkled. Pale lavender flowers. 8"".  

Hosta 'Thunderbolt'
$24.85 Thick rubbery foliage is dark blue with a flash of gold down the center which turns to creamy white as the season progresses. Topped by near white flowers in early summer.  

Hosta 'Tiny Tears'
$8.85 A great small Hosta with teardrop shaped medium green leaves. Forms a nice neat dense mound making a great edging plant. Purple/lavender flowers. 4-6"" tall by 18"" wide.  

Hosta tokudama 'Bruce's Blue'
$8.85 Powdery blue, cupped foliage. Puckered leaves. Near white flowers. Full to part shade with moist well drained soil. 18"".  

Hosta tokudama 'Flavocircinalis'
$12.85 (AHS 87) An impressive, broad mound of thick-substanced, heavily corrugated leaves of frosty, blue-green with a wide irregular gold margin. Near-white flowers. Slug resistant. 17"" tall, 48"" wide.  

Hosta tokudama 'True Blue'
$10.85 Heavy textured blue puckered foliage. Each leaf attains a size of 7"" wide by 8"" long. Slug resistant. Lavender flowers. 24"" tall.  

Hosta 'Touch of Class'
$22.85 Wide, blue-green leaves, topped with light lavender flowers. Bloom in early June. Prefer light shade, and grow 12"" tall. Zones 3-8.  

Hosta 'T-Rex'
$21.85 A gigantic hosta. Huge, puckered green leaves measure 18"" long by 14"" wide. Near white blooms. 30"".  

Hosta 'Twilight'
$10.85 Medium-sized hosta. Leaves emerge light-green with yellow margins. Maturing to dark-green with white edges. light lavender flowers on sturdy stalks. 18-22"" tall by 36"" wide.  

Hosta undulata 'Univittata'
$8.85 Slightly wavy green leaves with a white center. Pale purple flowers. 12-24"" tall.  

Hosta 'Veronica Lake'
$8.85 Green heart shaped leaves with a slender gold margin, lavender flowers reach 24-30"". A dense mounding habit, 18"" high by 42"" wide.  

Hosta 'Warwick Choice'
$16.85 Ovate Medium green leaf with heart-shaped base and pure white margin. Slight shine to the leaf and leaves are ruffled. Near white flowers. 22"" tall.  

Hosta 'Waterslide'
$16.85 Thick, wavy, ruffled leaves that hold their blue color into late Lavender flowers, up to 14"" height, spreads to 32""; Z 3-9  

Hosta 'Wheaton Blue'
$12.85 A large deep blue hosta reaching height of up to 15-20"".  

Hosta 'Whirlwind'
$12.85 A standout in any hosta collection. Thick, unruly, wavy foliage. Green leaf margins surround a center that changes from pale to green to creamy-white. Good substance. Lavender flowers in mid summer. 19"" tall by 40"" wide.  

Hosta Liliaceae 'White Dove'
$12.85 Narrow, arching green leaves w/ white border; pure white flowers; up to 12""; Z 3-9  

Hosta 'Wooly Bully'
$8.85 Variegated sport of Hosta Blue Boy. Clear golden-yellow margin contrasts with blue foliage. Lavender flowers. 15-20"". Zones 3-9.  

Hosta 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'
$18.85 Bright yellow margins turn to apple green; lavender flowers in JUN/JUL; up to 12""; Z 3  

Hosta 'Zippity Do Dah'
$12.85 Wide solid green leaves with a wavy, ruffled white margin, vigorous growth, lavender scapes to 40"". 24"" tall by 48"" wide.  

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