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Thank you for finding Fieldstone Gardens! We are a retail / mail order nursery offering more than 2000 varieties of hardy perennials. We carry exceptional choices for shade, sun, rock gardens and ground covers as well as new introductions, unusual, and hard to find varieties.

Below is our complete inventory of hardy perennials available for your garden. Please visit our home page and online catalog for photos, descriptions, and a virtual tour of the gardens.

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If you have a cat you may already know Nepeta cataria. Old-fashioned catnip. Besides making cats crazier than they already are, catnip is said to repel rats. The genus, however, offers much more variety and consists of over 250 species. Nepeta is in the mint family, characterized by square stems, opposite leaves and white to blue flowers. Plants prefer full sun in northern areas with a well drained soil. Zones 4-8. Variances will be listed.

Nepeta faassenii 'Purrsian Blue'
$9.85 Periwinkle blue flowers, coddled by dark purple calyxes erupt out of a up to 18"" tall; Z 3-8; break the stems to release the scent!!rounded clump

Nepeta mussini 'Blue Wonder'
$8.85 We have used this nepeta as a small 'hedge' along a brick walkway and it has done beautifully. Scores of blue blossoms from July until September. 12-24"". Full sun. Well-drained soil. Nice scent to the foliage when crushed. Zones 3-8.

Nepeta 'Kit Cat'
$8.85 A unique new dwarf form, not only shorter and denser but leaves and flowers are miniature, but numerous. Flowers are nearly true blue. 18"".

Nepeta x faassenii 'Junior Walker
$8.85 Compact w/ aromatic, gray-green foliage and soft, lavender flower spikesUp to 16"" tall; Z 5-9

Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low'
$8.85 2007 Perennial of the year! Mounds of gray-green foliage. Lavender-blue flowers June through September. Good grower. 15-20"". Zones 4-7.

Nepeta 'x Joanna Reed'
$8.85 Dark violet-blue tubular flowers with pink hues in throat. Upright habit. 36"".
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