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Thank you for finding Fieldstone Gardens! We are a retail / mail order nursery offering more than 2000 varieties of hardy perennials. We carry exceptional choices for shade, sun, rock gardens and ground covers as well as new introductions, unusual, and hard to find varieties.

Below is our complete inventory of hardy perennials available for your garden. Please visit our home page and online catalog for photos, descriptions, and a virtual tour of the gardens.

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Your Maine source for hardy perennials!

Jeffersonia diphylla
$12.85 Flowers of pure white that last only two-three days in early spring. Blue-Green foliage adds interest the rest of the summer season. Great as a groundcover for the woodland garden. Acidic, woodsy soil in partial shade. 12-16"". Zones 3-9.

Jeffersonia dubia
$21.85 Upright stalks of blue lavender flowers appear in early spring. Just as flowering is coming to an end the foliage emerges. This rare Korean counterpart to our native Jeffersoina grows best in moist well drained soil in a shady spot. Zones 4-7.
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