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Thank you for finding Fieldstone Gardens! We are a retail / mail order nursery offering more than 2000 varieties of hardy perennials. We carry exceptional choices for shade, sun, rock gardens and ground covers as well as new introductions, unusual, and hard to find varieties.

Below is our complete inventory of hardy perennials available for your garden. Please visit our home page and online catalog for photos, descriptions, and a virtual tour of the gardens.

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Your Maine source for hardy perennials!
IRIS (Siberian Iris D. Cole)
Through our exclusive association with Siberian Iris breeder, Dean Cole, we offer you a fine selection of Irises to compliment your garden. For over 26 years Dean has bred Siberian Irises selecting only those seedlings that meet an exceptionally high standard of vigor, beauty and character.

Iris sibirica 'Baby Steps'
$25.00 (Dean Cole R. 2010). Mid-Season Tetraploid. Lavender-pink with pink veins and light aqua styles with a large light blue signal. 1-2 branches with 4-5 blooms. This plant is a very good grower.

Iris sibirica 'Home Town Girl'
$16.85 (Cole, 2008) Falls are lavender pink, with blue veins that give a spider web look. Cream signal with blue veins, standards are lavender pink, Style arms are dark lavender, tips fading to light lavender with dark blue ridges.

Iris sibirica 'Life is Good'
$16.85 (Cole, 2008) Falls are light plum with light lavender influence. Signals large and blue. Standards are ruffled and lay back slightly giving the flower a nice appearance. Styles are pinkish with light aqua tones. This plant is a very good grower.

Iris sibirica 'My First Kiss'
$16.85 (Cole, 2005) Tetraploid, 34 in. Mid thru Late season. Very attractive 5 inch dark pinkish lavender w/ blue violet veining and darker at signal area. Pleasing lighter lavender standards and style arms. 1+ branch with 4-5 flowers. A special and stunning siberian for the border.

Iris sibirica 'My Girl Emily'
$25.00 (Cole, 2008) Falls are light plum with light lavender influence. Signals large and blue. Standards are ruffled and lay back slightly giving the flower a nice appearance. Styles are pinkish with light aqua tones. This plant is a very good grower.

Iris sibirica 'Pool Party'
$20.00 (Dean Cole R. 2010) Mid Season Tetraploid. Lite blue falls with extra wide red edge. Dark blue veins, lite pinkish standards, 1-2 branches with 4-5 blooms. Nice upright plant. 32"". Good grower.

Iris sibirica 'Say Please'
$30.00 (Dean Cole, R. 2009). 30"" S. dark wine veined dark blue; style arms light plum, aqua hues; F. darkwine signal cream followed by blue flash; very ruffled.

Iris sibirica 'Joyce Cole'
$16.85 (Cole, 2006 ) Tetraploid, 30 inches. Mid thru Late season. Ruffled white with greFen veins and excellent foliage. Wide standards are lightly ruffled. Style arms are white with creamy ribs. Falls are also wide and ruffled with prominent green veins that blend to yellow and have yellow hafts. One branch and 3-4 flowers. Foliage is upright and sturdy.

Iris sibirica DC-97-89-1

Iris sibirica 'Great Falls Love'
$16.85 (Cole,2007) Tetraploid, 32 in., Early Mid thru Mid Late season. Mid blue with white signal and very ruffled styles. A nice new blue with styles so curly and they appear to be small trumpets. Often three buds at the terminal with 1 branch and 5 flowers. Good blue green foliage until frost.

Iris sibirica 'Great Falls Wine'
$16.85 (Dean Cole R. 2008). Sdlg. DC-02-170-5 SiB (tet.), 30” (76cm), E.S. deep wine, delicate; style arms deep wine, near black midrib, wide; F. deep wine, signal deep yellow fading to cream followed by blue Flash; ruffled. One branch with 304 blooms. Dark and beautiful. DC-T1-97-89-1: (Maurice Pope X Mesa Pearl) X DC-87-107-1: (strawberry Fair x Hubbard

IRIS GERMANICA ( German Iris )
One of the most widely grown perennials.Your selections can only be a matter of choice when seeing them in flower. We recommend that you come by during the peak flowering season, the latter part of June. Plant in any sunny, well-drained location. 2-3'.

Iris germanica 'Immortality'
$9.85 An almost pure white bearded iris.This iris really shines at night time under the moonlight. Blooms in early summer. Has been known to rebloom later in the season. 2-3'. Zones 3-8.

IRIS (Japanese Iris)
Beardless, crepe-like flowers that open in June and July. They need abundant moisture but not standing water. Acid soil and full sun.

Iris ensata 'Crystal Halo'
$13.85 Huge, deep purple, 5-6"" flowers with white edging, dark purple veins and wide overlapping petals. Early July. 32-36"". Z3-9.

Iris ensata 'Eileen's Dream'
$13.85 Huge purple blooms w/ a splash of bright yellow on each petal; up to 3'; Z 4-9

Iris ensata 'Gold Bound'
$13.85 Pure white flowers with yellow signals on tall plants. Full sun, heavy water. Late spring to summer bloom. 40-44"". Z4-9.

Iris ensata 'Lion King'
$13.85 (Marx 1957) R5,N3

Iris ensata 'Momogasumi
$13.85 Lavender pink blooms with a yellow eye. Full sun-part shade. July-August. 28-36"" Z4-9.

Iris ensata `Pink Lady'
$13.85 Soft pink flowers with touches of yellow and slightly wavy edges.

Iris ensata 'Sensation'
$13.85 Deep velvety purple blooms with yellow strokes make this a true sensation. Full sun very moist soil. 32.36"". Z4-9.

Iris ensata `Stippled Ripples'
$13.85 Large white blooms edged and mottled with dark purple accents. Full sun. Summer Bloom. 36-46"". Z4-9.

IRIS (Siberian Iris)
Siberian Iris form elegant upright clumps of slender, arched blue-green foliage that remains attractive all season. These easy and reliable plants are practically pest and disease free. A variety of flower colors are listed below. Full sun to partial shade.

Iris sibirica 'A capella'
$25.00 (Dunlop, 2012) Tet., 26”, ML – VL. Ruffled red-violet with blue overlay and flashy red rimmed aqua styles. Standards are lightly ruffled rose red-violet. The wide ruffled falls have small white signals and a fine white wire edge. Elegant and fancy for front of border. Usually 2-3 flowers and no branch.

Iris sibirica 'Another Pretty Face'
$16.85 (Dunlop, 2009) Tet., 28”, Mid thru Late. Blue-violet tones overall. Falls are Blue-violet, slightly deeper colored than the standards and styles and have small yellow-white signals and yellow hafts. Pleasing and well ruffled. One branch and 4-5 blooms. A good parent often giving reds.

Iris sibirica 'Crimson Fireworks'
$40.00 (Jeff Dunlop, R. 2012) Midseason to late bloom. Standards crimson red. Ruffled. Style arms and Falls crimson red. Prominent white signal, significant blue vein flash outside signal, fine white wire rim; inconspicuous light green throat, light brown hafts; one branch. 34"".

Iris sibirica 'Currier's Dream'
$20.00 (Dunlop, 2010) Tet., 24”, Mid thru Late. Saturated deep yellow. A color Dr. McEwen wished for and the darkest yellow tetraploid available today. Falls are deep yellow with green veins further enhancing the yellow color. Styles lighter yellow with pale yellow standards. lightly ruffled flowers. RHS 9A, finishing 9C. A colorfast yellow with 3 buds for the front of the garden.

Iris sibirica 'Dear Currier'
$16.85 (Dunlop. 2005) Tetraploid, 30in., Mid thru Late season. Beautiful ruffled 4.5 inch blue bitone with darker veins and a lighter edge on the falls. Small yellow, white and brown signals. Standards and styles lighter blue. 1+ branch and 4-5 blooms. A great asset in the perennial garden.

Iris sibirica 'Dreaming Of You'
$16.85 (Dunlop, 2008). Tetraploid, 26 inches. Mid thru Late season. Ruffled light yellow near amoena. Falls are light yellow with deep yellow signal area, hafts and throat. Standards and styles lighter yellow fading to near white. One branch and 3-4 blooms per stem. The first colorfast yellow tet with good form and extravagant ruffling.

Iris sibirica 'Grape Truffle'
$16.85 (Dunlop, 2007) Tetreaploid, 30 in,. Mid thru Late season, occasional repeat. Grape violet, darker at signal area with diamond dusting at first bloom. Falls have flowing ruffles and brown hafts. Flowers held well above lower foliage. Sometimes a branch with 2 to 4 buds. A sumtuuous and elegant color.

Iris sibirica 'Miss Portland'
$16.85 (Dunlop, 2006) Tet., 30”, Mid thru Late. Blue with white signals. Wide and deeply ruffled medium blue falls with white wire rims. Standards similar blue with darker veins. Styles wide ruffled mid-blue with a touch of aqua. Flowers have a lot of charm and character. 1 or 2 branches and 4-6 buds.

Iris sibirica 'Pink Haze'
$8.85 (McGarvey 1969) Dip., 38"", M. Pink self. HM 1982, Morgan Award 1984, Morgan-Wood Medal 1988.

Iris sibirica 'Ruby Kiss'
$20.00 (Dunlop, 2011) Tet., 32”, ML –VL. Nice medium wine red with blue signals. Falls relatively free of ruffling, turned down at the ends with dramatic blue signals. Standards red-purple. Styles are a bit lighter with prominent aqua highlights. Green throats and brown hafts. One branch and 4-5 flowers.

Iris sibirica 'Tranquility Base'
$16.85 (Dunlop, 2006) Tetraploid 32 in. Mid thru Late season. Deep violet near self. Standards are deep violet with darker veins at center and fine veining. Style arms are slightly lighter in color and have aqua highlights. The broad Falls are deep violet with darker veins and are slightly ruffled in the center. Darker signals are accented by brown hafts.

Iris sibirica 'Adj'
$10.85 (McEwen 1983) Tetraploid, 30"", Mid-Late bloomer. Rich violet-blue with gold edging on first day, then silver. Outstanding. Wonderful plant for edging.

Iris sibirica 'Annick'
$8.85 (McEwen 1986) Diploid, Miniature, Midseason. Lovely 2 1\2"" flowers on 12"" stalks. Rich medium blue with small white signals. Round and flaring. 14"".

Iris sibirica 'Bernard McLaughlin'
$8.85 (McEwen 1985) Diploid, Midseason. Charming 4"" flowers of glistening white enhanced by a few green lines. Exquisite ruffled form with feathered midribs. Successive stalks. 28"".

Iris sibirica 'Big Blue'
$10.85 (McEwen 1970) Dip., 36"", Early Mid-Late season. Our largest diploid with 5"" flowers and 2 1/2"" falls. Close to true dark blue. HM 1972.

Iris sibirica 'Blue Burgee'
$8.85 (McEwen 1972) Tetraploid, Early Mid-Late. 4 1/2"" ruffled flaring compact flowers on low stalks. Self of velvety violet blue. Two branches 5-6 buds. 24"".

Iris sibirica 'Blue Pennant'
$8.85 (McEwen 1972) Tetraploid, 30"". Sister of Blue Burgee with yellow in the 2 branches, 5-7 buds. HM 1973, MORGAN runner up 1976.

Iris sibirica 'Blue Plate'
$16.85 (2007) diploid, 20"" Mid. Medium blue.

Iris sibirica 'Blue Propeller'
$12.85 Blue flowers in early to mid summer. 2-3'. Full sun.

Iris sibirica 'Blue Snippet'
$8.85 (McEwen 1977) Dipoid, Midseason. Violet-blue 3"" flowers with violet-blue veins and pure white signals. 12-14"".

Iris sibirica 'Butter and Cream'
$12.85 (Dr. Currier McEwen,1995) Yellow flowers in early to mid summer. 2-3ft. tall. Full sun. Great for cut flowers.

Iris sibirica 'Chandler's Choice'
$8.85 (McEwen 1994) Red-violet stds and falls with nearly black veins given an overall effect of a dark red-violet flower. 32"".

Iris sibirica 'Chartreuse Bounty'
$8.85 (McEwen 1983) Diploid, Midseason and repeats. Greenish yellow amoena. Open form with arching falls. Long bloom season. 30"".

Iris sibirica 'Chatter Box Belle'
$8.85 (McEwen 1991) Tetraploid, 32"". 5"" flowers are a blend of blue-violet shades. White signals. Beautiful!

Iris sibirica 'Circle Round'
$8.85 (McEwen) Tetraploid, Early Mid-Late Midseason bloom.This 4 1/2"" medium violet blue flower is distinguished by its lovely, very round form and by its value as a parent. Produces successive stalks for a good period of bloom. 27"".

Iris sibirica 'Cleve Dodge'
$8.85 (McEwen 1971) Diploid, Midseason. Velvety midnight blue. Clean self with no signal. 30"".

Iris sibirica 'Creme Chantilly'
$8.85 (McEwen 1981) Dip., 36"". Mid-season bloom. Magnificent 5"" ruffled creamy white flowers. 2 branches and 6 buds. Our favorite white diploid.

Iris sibirica 'Dark Circle'
$8.85 (McEwen 1976) Tetraploid, Mid-Late bloom. Ruffled 5 1/2"" self of dark, velvety blue purple. 2 1/2"" semi-flaring falls and large standards give globe-like form. No visible signals.

Iris sibirica 'Dear Diane'
$10.85 (McEwen 1979) Tetraploid, Mid-Late Mid bloom. Superior in every way! 6"" flaring, ruffled flowers with 2 1/2"" velvety, violet-blue falls, silver-edged. Marvelous parent. 27"".

Iris sibirica 'Dianne's Daughter'
$11.85 (McEwen 1988) Tetraploid, Late-Very Late. A charming child of 'Dear Dianne' with 4"" flowers on branched stalks. Compact, triangular form with 2"" falls and lovely ruffling. Deep and light shades of violet blue with white signals and stitching.

Iris sibirica 'Dreaming Brown'
$11.85 (McEwen 1988) Violet-blue flowers with dark brown hafts make a wonderfully unique color combination for this mid to late season bloomer. 32"".

Iris sibirica 'Dreaming Orange'
$9.85 (McEwen 1987) Tetraploid, 37"", EarlyMid-Late bloom. This 5 1/2"" flower has light yellow falls and lighter standards and styles. Signals are closest to orange we have yet seen. One branch and 3 buds on successive stalks. Sister of 'Golden Crimping.'

Iris sibirica 'Dreaming Yellow'
$8.85 (McEwen 1971) Dip., 36"", Mid-Late and repeats. The first yellow amoena. 5"" flaring flowers. Falls yellow first day, then cream. Fine parent for yellow. HM 1972, JC 1973, BIS-HC 1981.

Iris sibirica 'Early Bluebird'
$8.85 (McEwen 1970) Diploid, Early-Late. 4 1/2"" medium violet blue. Starts early and continues 5 weeks. 36"".

Iris sibirica 'Ever Again'
$8.85 (1992 McEwen) Tetraploid. Early-VeryLate bloom. 4"" blooms are true medium blue. 40"".

Iris sibirica 'Ewen'
$8.85 (McEwen 1971) Tetraploid, 32"", EarlyMid-LateMid bloom. Excellent flaring flowers close to true red.

Iris sibirica 'Floating Island'
$8.85 (McEwen 1973) Diploid, 32"". Midseason. The 4 1/2"" light yellow amoena changes to a cream color by the second day.

Iris sibirica 'Fourfold Lavender'
$12.85 (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, Early Mid-Late Mid bloom. 4 1/2"" flaring lavender flowers with light borders. Styles are white. 28"".

Iris sibirica 'Fourfold White'
$8.85 (McEwen 1970) Tetraploid, 36"", EarlyMid-Late bloom. 6"" clear white flower. Flaring wax like falls. 2 branches, 6-7 buds. An award winner.

Iris sibirica 'Golden Crimping'
$12.85 (McEwen 1985)Tet., Early Mid-Late Mid bloom. A new advance. Very crimped yellow edges surround creamy falls. It has yellow signals and very wide styles with yellow midribs. HM 1988. 26"".

Iris sibirica 'Golden Edge'
$12.85 (McEwen 1992) Tetraploid. Midseason. Ruffled falls of velvety blue-violet blooms with distinctly yellow wire-type edging.

Iris sibirica 'Happy Event'
$12.85 (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, Mid-Late bloom. Pure white of lovely form. Superb parent. 37"".

Iris sibirica 'Harpswell Hallelujah'
$10.85 (McEwen 1983) Tetraploid, Early Mid-Late Mid bloom. Outstanding 5 1/2"" flowers of rich violet-blue. Exceptionally round, ruffled 2 1/2"" falls. Wonderful parent. HM 1985. 32"".

Iris sibirica 'Harpswell Happiness'
$10.85 (McEwen 1983) Tetraploid., EM-LM. A beautiful creamy white. Round ruffled flaring form. Excellent parent. HM 1985. 32"".

Iris sibirica 'Harpswell Haze'
$8.85 (McEwen 1977) Tetraploid, 32"", EM-LM. 5 1/2"" soft medium blue flower. Flaring 2 1/2"" falls. Styles are true light blue. 2 branches, 5-7 buds.

Iris sibirica 'Harpswell Snowburst'
$12.85 (McEwen 1991) Tetraploid. The most outstanding feature of this excellent flower is the dramatically stippled white signals bursting out on the medium blue-violet falls. 36"".

Iris sibirica 'Harpswell Velvet'
$11.85 (McEwen, 1991) Tetraploid, Early-M. Round 5"" flowers of very dark blue purple with a very velvety texture. Very wide styles and silver wire type edging around the falls. 32"".

Iris sibirica 'Hubbard'
$12.85 (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, EM-LM. Our finest red Siberian. 5 1/2"" velvety rich red with greenish hafts and white signals. Fine parent. 32"".

Iris sibirica 'Ira Wood'
$8.85 (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, 37"", EM-LM.Betty Wood kindly gave permission to introduce this seedling of Ira's in his name. Close to true dark blue, semi-flaring, vigorous. 2 branches, 5-6 buds.

Iris sibirica 'Ivory Creme'
$8.85 (McEwen 1987) Tetraploid, EM-Late. Beautifully ruffled, creamy white 5 1/2' flowers with 2 1/2"" falls. Signals are yellow with green veins. Styles white with feathered midribs. One branch and 4 buds on successive stalks. Fine parent. 38"".

Iris sibirica 'Kenabee'
$8.85 (McEwen 1982) Dip., M. Lovely soft violet-blue 3 1/2"" flaring, round flower. 2 branches, 6 buds. 39"".

Iris sibirica 'Lady of Quality'
$8.85 (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, M-Late. Flaring 6"" medium-light violet-blue flowers with silver edging. 2 branches, 4-5 buds. 34"".

Iris sibirica 'Lavender Bounty'
$11.85 (McEwen 1982) Dip., 36"", VE-VL, repeater. Rich lavender pink flowers with semi flaring, ruffled form. Fantastic bloomer with 3 branches and up to 9 buds at repeat bloom. Bloom period covering 8 weeks. Marvelous parent. HM 1983.

Iris sibirica 'Lavender Light'
$8.85 (McEwen 1974) Diploid, VE-Midseason and repeats. Lavender pink. Vertically arched form. 2 branches, 6-7 buds. Extra early. 38"".

Iris sibirica 'Little White'
$8.85 (McEwen 1970) Dip., 14"", M-L.Miniature 3"" pure white flower on low stalks. A darling. Fertile both ways. HM 1971.

Iris sibirica 'Marilyn Holmes'
$9.85 (McEwen 1972) Diploid, 28"", M-L. 4 1/2"" ruffled, round flaring dark violet blue bitone. Two branches, 4-6 buds. A favorite. HC 1970, HM 1973, BIS-C 1982, BRONZE MEDAL I.G.A. 1983.

Iris sibirica 'McEwen's First Yellow'

Iris sibirica 'Merryspring'
$18.85 (2004) tetraploid, 30"" Mid-Late. An 8th generation yellow-green tetraploid with round, ruffled form and tufted style arms.

Iris siberica 'Navy Brass'
$9.85 (McEwen 1974) Tetraploid, EM-Late. 6"" flaring blooms of navy blue with brassy gold signals. Awesome! 32"".

Iris sibirica 'On and On'
$8.85 (McEwen 1977) Dip., 36"", EM-L, repeats. Dark violet-blue with white signals. HM 1978.

Iris sibirica 'Orville Fay'
$8.85 (McEwen 1970) Tetraploid, 36"", EM-Late. The first tetraploid Siberian. 5 1/2"" flaring medium violet-blue. An award winner.

Iris sibirica 'Outset'
$12.85 Tetraploid 30"". Dark Violet with gold-white streaking at upper half; dark violet styles with violet blue midribs.

Iris sibirica 'Pansy Purple'
$8.85 (McEwen 1971) Diploid, 34"", M-Late. True pansy purple. No other like it. Few white lines inside of signal. Lovely!

Iris sibirica 'Peg Edwards'
$8.85 (McEwen 1975) Tetraploid., M.Flaring, light violet-blue flowers. Darker shoulders and white signals. Superb! HM 1976. 36"".

Iris sibirica 'Polly Dodge'
$8.85 (McEwen 1972) Dip., 26"", M-L.Our favorite red diploid, rich velvety, semi-flaring. HM 1973, BIS-HC 1983.

Iris sibirica 'Reddy Maid'
$8.85 (McEwen 1978) Tetraploid, EM-M. Velvety dark red with white signals and light green hafts. Occasional branch, 3 buds. Fine parent. 30"".

Iris sibirica 'Regency Buck'
$8.85 (McEwen 1985) Tet., 30"", EM-LM. Very ruffled flowers of rich, very velvety reddish, violet-blue. Wide ruffled styles, contrastng white signals.

Iris sibirica 'Ruffled Velvet'
$8.85 (McEwen 1973) Diploid, 24"", M-L. 4 1\2"" flaring, very ruffled, velvety dark reddish purple. Styles laced and feathered. One of the Siberian greats and a superb parent. Award winner!

Iris sibirica 'Ruffles Plus'
$9.85 (McEwen 1982) Tet., 30"", M.Extremely ruffled, wide petaled dark voilet blue with no visible signals and extemely wide, ruffled styles. HM 1984.

Iris sibirica 'Sally Kerlin'
$8.85 (McEwen 1970) Dip., 27"", EM-L. Round ruffled of medium violet blue with white signals. A favorite. HC 1970, HM 1971, Wisley 1977, BIS-HC 1980.

Iris sibirica 'Sassy Kooma'
$12.85 White blossoms with tinges of yellow on the inside petals. A great short selection for the front of the perennial border. Mid season bloom. 18"".

Iris sibirica 'Shirley Pope'
$8.85 (McEwen 1979) Diploid, 28"", M-ML. Lovely 4 1/2"" extremely velvety, vibrant dark reddish purple with contrasting white signals. Superb!

Iris sibirica 'Shirley's Choice'
$8.85 (McEwen 1987) Tetraploid, Midseason. Dainty 4"" white flowers, charmingly ruffled, with the standards and feathered styles forming a central cup. The falls have a faint chartreuse tint deepening at the hafts. One branch and 3 buds on successive stalks.

Iris sibirica 'Silver Edge'
$8.85 (McEwen 1974) Tetraploid, EM-LM. 6"" medium blue with falls circled by a silver edge. Gold signals. 2 branches, 5-6 buds. 30"".

Iris sibirica 'Snow Bounty'
$8.85 (McEwen 1974) Tetraploid, EM-LM. White 6"" flowers with light yellow at hafts. 36"".

Iris sibirica 'Soft Blue'
$9.85 (McEwen 1978) Dip., 36"", VE-VL. Perferential repeater with bloom period of 8 weeks. 4"" ruffled, light blue flowers with 2 branches and 5-6 buds at repeat bloom. Lovely.

Iris sibirica 'Teal Velvet'
$8.85 (McEwen 1981) Tetraploid, VE-M. 5 1/2"" flaring reddish purple self distinguished by handsome size and color. Extremely early bloom and velvety texture. No branch and 2 buds but sends up successive stalks. 34"".

Iris sibirica 'White Prelude'
$11.85 (McEwen 1993) Tetraploid. 36"", VE-VL (repeats). The earliest and the latest white bloomer. Ruffled and crimped 6"" flowers.

Iris sibirica 'Yankee Consul'
$8.85 (McEwen 1973) Tetraploid, EM-L Midseason. Medium violet-blue, 6"" flowers with 1\4"" lighter border. 1-2 branches, 5-6 buds. 28"".

IRIS, other species

Iris pseudacorus
$8.85 bright yellow flowers in May and June. Excellent iris for along ponds or where ample moisture is available. Full sun. 3-4'. Zones 5-9.

Iris pseudacorus 'Flore-Pleno'
$8.85 Early summer blooming. 24-42"". Yellow flowers. A very unusual flower.
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