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Thank you for finding Fieldstone Gardens! We are a retail / mail order nursery offering more than 2000 varieties of hardy perennials. We carry exceptional choices for shade, sun, rock gardens and ground covers as well as new introductions, unusual, and hard to find varieties.

Below is our complete inventory of hardy perennials available for your garden. Please visit our home page and online catalog for photos, descriptions, and a virtual tour of the gardens.

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Your Maine source for hardy perennials!
All species have alternate leaves and swollen nodes. These plants require a lot of space and should be planted with adequate spacing.

Fallopia japonica 'Crimson Beauty'
$9.85 Tall, impressive with arching branches and dark crimson plumes in late summer. Treelike perennial best used as a speciman or with other bold plants. Cut back to keep in check. 8-12'.

Fallopia japonica 'Variegata'
$8.85 Attractive variegated leaves of white, yellow and pink. Summer flowering. Full sun to part shade. 4'. Zones 5-9.

A shaded garden is always a challenge. However ferns can play a major role in any area where limited sunlighgt and moist, rich, well-drained soil exist. Use as a ground cover along banks and streams as well as foundation plantings.

Athyrium felix-femina (Lady Fern)
$8.85 An attractive fern, fine and delicate. Shade or partial shade. Will tolerate moderately dry soil. Great woodland selection. 15-24"".

Athyrium felix-femina 'Lady in Red'
$8.85 An Athyrium with showy burgundy running throughout the stems. Unique and a worthy addition to your fern collection. 30-36"".

Athyrium niponicum 'Regal Red'
$10.85 Dark red stems contrast wonderfuly with the silver paintings on the fronds. Twisting on the pinnules give the frond a fluffed up look. moist soil, full sun 8-20"".

Athyrium x 'Brandford Beauty'
$10.85 Red stalks and grey speckled leaves. A fast and vigorous grower. A wonderful plant for woodland gardens or shade gardens. 24"". Zones 5-9.

Athyrium x 'Godzilla'

Dennstaedia punctiloba 'Hay Scented Fern'
$8.85 Sweet scented lighgt green fronds often growing in colonies creating a carpet. Spreads rapidly and can be used for naturalizing. Shade but can handle full sun as long as its provided with moist soil. 12-18"". Zones 5-8.

Matteuccia struthiopteris
$18.85 Large ostrich-like leaves. Likes moist, humus rich soil and an open shady area and can tolerate sun in swampy areas. Likes to be near water. 3-4'.

Onoclea sensibilis (Sensitive Fern)
$7.85 (Sensitive Fern) A nice fern found in woods and wetlands in the eastern U.S. Great for use in shade to partial shade with plenty of soil moisture. 12"". Zone 4-9.

Osmunda claytoniana
$16.85 (Interupted Fern) A native fern found in moist woods. In midsummer the spore bearing leaflets in the center of the frond are shed 'interupting' the frond. 3-4' Full Shade, Zones 3-8.

Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern)
$7.85 Huge graceful fronds, considered one of our finest ferns. Can tolerate a wet location. 3-4'.

Polystichum acrostichoides
$7.85 (Christmas Fern) Dark, evergreen foliage provides good backdrop for smaller plants. Fronds used in floral arrangements. Partial shade in moist, well-drained soils. 12"".

FILIPENDULA (Meadowsweet)
Delighgtful perennial that thrives in moist locations. All produce feathery plumes in mid or late summer. Sun or lighgt shade. Zones 3-7.

Filipendula kamtschatica
$12.85 Fragrant white flowers atop 5-6' stems. Nice butterfly and bee plant! Makes sure to give this perennial plenty of room! Late July/August.

Filipendula purpurea 'Elegans'
$10.85 A bold addition for the garden. Large broad green leaves with sprays of pink flowers in July. 24-36"".

Filipendula purpurea 'Plena'
$7.85 Double red flowers in mid to late summer. Prefers moist, rich soil in partial shade. 40"".

Filipendula rubra 'Albicans'
$8.85 White blooms in early summer atop 5-6' stems. Full sun to part shade, moist well drained soil, but will tolerate dry or soggy soil. Zone 3-9.

Filipendula rubra 'Venusta'
$8.85 (Queen of The Prairie) Vivid rose plumes appear in July and August. One customer told us the blossoms reminded her of cotton candy! A perennial that demands a place in the back of the border due to its heighgt. Wonderful with astilbes and lilies.

Filipendula rubra 'Venusta Alba'
$10.85 Pure white plumes emerging in July and August. Excellent for heighgt and very attractive to bees. 4-6'.

Filipendula ulmaria 'Variegata'
$10.85 Here is an unusual member with green and white variegated foliage. Definitely a nice accent plant, white flowers appear in midsummer. 3-6'.

Filipendula vulgaris 'Kohome'
$10.85 This dwarf variety has lighgt rose, miniature flowers in midsummer. 6-8"".

Filipendula vulgaris 'Red Umbrella'
$12.85 Deeply cut, fresh green leaves with red center blotches and red striping along veins. Reddish-pink flowers.

FRAGARIA (Ornamental Strawberry)

Fragaria chiloensis 'Lipstick'
$7.85 An attractive strawberry with rose-red flowers from June-August. Low growing, reaching a heighgt of only 6-8"". Ideal as a groundcover, for rock gardens or containers. Full sun, well-drained soil. Zone 3.

Fragaria vesca 'Improved Rugen'
$7.85 Bushy plants with no runners, bearing red, juicy, sweet and tender fruit from June-September. 6-8"". Full sun, well-drained soil. Easy! Zones 4-8.
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