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Thank you for finding Fieldstone Gardens! We are a retail / mail order nursery offering more than 2000 varieties of hardy perennials. We carry exceptional choices for shade, sun, rock gardens and ground covers as well as new introductions, unusual, and hard to find varieties.

Below is our complete inventory of hardy perennials available for your garden. Please visit our home page and online catalog for photos, descriptions, and a virtual tour of the gardens.

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Your Maine source for hardy perennials!
Sure to produce a delightful aroma. Best maintained in the somewhat shady areas and requires a good bit of pruning to keep it healthy and full. In terms of height, the plant rarely exceeds 6' typically having an average size around 4'. Along with the shady requirement, the plant is moderate in terms of moisture.

Daphne mezereum
$12.85 (February Daphne) Fragrant pink to lavender blooms in early spring. Prefers well drained soil and full sun. One of the hardiest Daphnes for New England. 36"".

These midsummer beauties produce majestic flower spikes that make them royal background plants in the perennial border. A rich, well-drained soil and full sun are the basic requirements for these old favorites. Hummingbirds/butterflies love them too!

Delphinium elatum 'Pagan Purples'
$8.85 Dramnatic spires of very dark bluish-purple flowers with a white or brown bee. Often double. hgt. 4-6 ft.

Delphinium hybrida 'Dwarf Stars'
$8.85 True dwarf Delphiniums; no staking or falling over in their pots; Under 30""; Z 3-7

Delphinium Pacfic Giants Hybrids
$8.85 Beautiful 3 inch flowers That cluster along 4-5'tall stems. Mildew resistant.

Dianthus gratianopolitanus `Petite'
$8.85 Single pink flowers. 2-3"". Silver foliage.

Dianthus deltoides `Brilliant'
$8.85 bright crimson flowers above green foliage.

Dianthus simulans
$8.85 A little dianthus forming tiny blue-green mounds of foliage. Single rose-red flowers appear in June. We can't believe how tough this little plant is. Left in a unprotected spot in the garden with no winter mulch it comes through each winter just fine!

DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart)
One of the best perennials for the shade or woodland garden! All are easy to grow, requiring moist, but well-drained soil. Lovely delicate flowers in late spring.

Dicentra cucullaria
$8.85 Fragrant white flowers blooming in April-May. Prefers a moist woodland location. Lovely finely cut foliage. 8-10"".

Dicentra eximia
$8.85 (Fringed Bleeding Heart) Attractive dwarf habit, forming a neat clump with fern-like gray-greenfoliage. Fringed rosy-pink, heart-shaped flowers June-September. 12-15"". Zones 3-9.

Dicentra formosa 'Aurora'
$8.85 White flowers above beautiful greyish foliage. Very vigorous. 10"". June-September.

Dicentra spectabilis
$8.85 (Common Bleeding Heart) An old favorite, bearing long racemes of drooping rosy-pink heart-shaped flowers. Flowers late May into June. You can't beat this one for its low maintenance and reliability! 30"". Zones 2-9.

Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba'
$8.85 In our shade garden, the white bleeding heart is noticed by everyone who passes by. The abundant flowers brighten up any dark corner. A very special perennial. 30"". Zones 2-9. May-June.

Dicentra spectabilis 'Goldheart'
$16.85 bright gold foliage in spring and summer with drooping pink hearts on stems up to 2' in spring. Do not plant in full sun.

Dicentra spectabilis 'Valentine'
$16.85 Deep red, heart-shaped flowers, burgundy stems above bronzy, gray-green foliage. Plants are vigorous, with plum-colored new growth. 24-30"". Zones 3-8.

Dicentra x 'Fire Island'
$14.85 Bushier form and earlier than most. Magenta-red flowers with powder blue foliage. 12-15"". Z3-9.

Dicentra x 'Ivory Hearts' PPAF
$14.85 An amazingly compact plant and on top of that this plant does not stop flowering until frost. This is like the Dicentra x `Candy Hearts' but ivory in color. The flowers are fragrant, large pendant, heart-shaped pure white flowers, gorgeous blue green ferny foliage. 12"".

Dicentra x 'King of Hearts'
$14.85 Delicate finely cut soft grey green foliage with dark rose heart shaped flowers, June to September, slow spreading, 12"". Zones 3-8.

Dicentra x 'Red Fountain'
$14.85 Dark-heart shaped flowers, reblooming variety. Upright flower stems. Deeply cut, fern like blue-gray foliage. May to early fall flowering.

Dicentra x 'Spring Magic
$14.85 Clusters of pink, heart-shaped flowers May-July. Rich green fernlike foliage throughout the year. Part sun to full shade. Zones 4-8.

This permanent long-lived perennial has handsome leathery foliage that when crushed emits a delightful lemon fragrance. The flowers and leaves have been known to form a gas which may be ignited on a warm evening. Give it a sunny, well-drained location near the back of the border. Takes time to establish itself so place in a permanent location. An aristocrat of the garden! Good butterfly plant! Zones 3-8.

Dictamnus albus
$16.85 The 1"" white flowers are held on a long raceme. A very special plant for the garden! 24"".

Dictamnus albus 'Albiflorus'
$16.85 Growing 2-3', this plant produces showy white spikes of star-shaped blooms in late spring and early summer. Glossy, dark green foliage has a wonderful citrus fragrance. Prefers full sun and rich well-drained soil.

Dictamnus albus 'Purpureus'
$16.85 Forms an attractive plant with spikes of deep rose-pink flowers with reddish veining. July. 24"".

DIGITALIS (Foxglove)
No garden would be complete without this old favorite. A stately flower stalk growing up to 3'. Adds splendor to the background of the perennial border.

Digitalis Penstemon 'Mystica'
$12.85 Numerous white flower heads w/ lavender shading, more clustered then spiked; leaves turn brilliant red in fall; 28"", Z 3-9, full - mostly sunny, attracts butterflies & hummingbirds

Digitalis x 'Goldcrest'
$12.85 A relatively stout, sterile hybrid that produces strong upright racemes of yellow-peach flowers with reddish brown markings. The plant blooms mid-summer to mid-fall with a long blooming period. Attracts hummingbirds with its yellow bundles of flowers. Zones 4-9.

Digitalis x 'Mertonensis'
$12.85 stalks of blossoms in strawberry shades; great against fences or up to 4' tall; Z 4-9; deer resistant & loved by hummingbirds

A shade-loving genus, Disporum is an attractive plant growing just 12-24"". Nodding, narrow, creamy bells occur in small groups in early spring, giving way in the fall to colored berries. An easy perennial to grow with spreading habit. Disporum are easy in rich, well-drained soil where they will form impressive colonies.

Disporum sessile 'Variegata'
$9.85 Great green/cream variegated foliage and white flowers tinged in green make this 12-16"" perennial a beauty for the woodland garden. Prefers full shade to partial shade and a moist soil. Zones 4-8.

DODECATHEON (Shooting Star)
In the Primrose family Primulaceae. Basal clumps of leaves and nodding flowers are produced at the top of tall stems that rise from where the leaves join the crown. They are commonly called Shooting Stars because of the flower shape. The genus is largely confined to North America, and part of northeastern Siberia. Common names also include, American Cowslip, Mosquito Bills, Mad Violets, and Sailor-caps. A few species are grown in gardens for their showy and unique flower display.

Dodecatheon meadia
$10.85 Beautiful North American wildflower. Rose pink or lavender, whitish at the base and suggesting a falling star. Prefers a nice woodsy soil in partial shade. Blooms late in spring. 12"". Zones 3-9. Note: Small root structures on plant.

Dodecatheon x 'Aphrodite'
$9.85 Shooting Star. Large robust plants with loose umbels of rich purple rose with reflexed petals blooming May to June. 20"". Part shade and rich woodland soil. Excellent plant for the woodland garden or shady rock garden. Plants go dormant mid summer.

A spring blooming perennial that should be seen more in the rock garden. Compact little plants that carry an abundance of flowers in early spring. Full sun but will tolerate some afternoon shade. Must have good drainage. Zones 4-8.

Draba sibirica (Syn.D.repens)
$8.85 Low growing spreading perennial though not invasive. Every spring we marvel at the abundance of yellow flowers that carpet the dense bright green foliage. Ideal for the rock garden. 3-4"". Zones 4-8.
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