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Please take a moment to view what others have had to say about Fieldstone Gardens. You may also want to sign the guestbook yourself!

Chrissa Bates wrote:
We're looking forward visiting during the open house in June.

Patricia wrote:
I live in Gray, ME, and I try to visit your beautiful garden center once a year because I believe in what you do. When I visited this year I brought a friend so she could enjoy your incredible plants and gorgeous grounds, too. Also, thanks for a great, easy to navigate website with pictures (!). I often use your site as a visual resource. Keep up the great work!

maga wrote:
First time in here, Its great, and has wonderful pictures, wish my garden could look like that!!

dianne wrote:
love your web site plus all the plants wish i was closer so i could visit.

wendy wrote:
I was happy to see Veronica 'Sonja' on your list. Its a great plant named after a beautiful person. I recommend trying it in your garden!

Cindy wrote:
Thank you so much for my beautful healthy plants! They honor and remember folks and animals so close to me! Thanks to you my spiritual journey continues......and my neighbors enjoy!

Shelly Early wrote:
After browsing the site, I can hardly wait to visit the farm.

david tucker wrote:
Ordered several plants just the other day and can't wait to get them and put them in my shade gardem.

Holly wrote:
Hi from a very satisfied customer who hasn't ordered in a while. I'm back, living in a new city, and looking forward to creating my new garden with plants from Fieldstone Gardens!

Dale Keating wrote:
From the photos, you seem to have a lovely location and a great selection of plants. I will be visiting in the Spring and am very much looking forward to the experience.

Carol Ann De Vita wrote:
My husband and I travel from Long Island, NY to Maine in the spring and fall of each year and never miss an opportunity to visit and enjoy Fieldstone Gardens. Thank you.

Donald Levesque wrote:
I can remember eighteen years ago stroling through the trial gardens of dr mcewen irises wish i had the insight to have paid more atention to what i was looking at just realizing now what a treet it was to see.

MaryAnn Valencia wrote:
I was looking through an old issue of Garden Gate Magazine for some advice on shade gardens, when I saw an article about astilbes. The article then had a resource list and you were first on the list! I am so thankful!! You have a beautiful place. I have been wanting to visit Maine for years, and now I REALLY want to!! You have all the plants I have read about in beautiful garen magazines but can't find in the area I live in. Can't wait to look at the on-line catalog!!! Thanks! MA Valencia, FL

Ree from Maryland wrote:
I'm sorry I can't remember the gentleman's name that I spoke to this morning. I wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed our conversation. His voice was so calm and he was very helpful in helping me pick out another veronica. I'm so glad I found out about you and look forward to receiving my plants. www.gardenwatchdog.com gives you a very high rating...100% customer satisfaction. I'm a first time customer because of that rating.

Dylan wrote:
I saw you t.v. show and that makes me want to re-do my whole yard and my familys yards too.:)

Ann Medley wrote:
I just watched a segment about your Farm on HGTV (People, Places, & plants. I came right to my computer and looked you up. Great website and I hope to attend one of your open houses in the future.

Barbara Hamilton wrote:
I am from Maine and I had never heard about your gardens, etc. My daughter and I are planning a trip to purchase some plants. I have to tell you that the photos on your website are absolutely great. When you look at them and can smile, please know you have done a great job and make people feel like they are right in the photo. Kudos to you and all of your employees. Thanks so much!

Kathryn Beausang wrote:
We love your gardens and your website! Can't wait to make our annual trips to select the best of the best! Thank you for such a great product!

Dave Hardt wrote:
I'm a big collector of hostas. Every time I go to Fieldstones I always have to get a few because they're so healthy. Dave from Carver,Mass

Kathryn Collins wrote:
Would love to visit; hopefully my ISP will allow a further visit of your site; looking for daylilies! Thanks so much!

Steph wrote:
Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!It looks like it would be very difficult to keep up with the Jones!!!!! Looking forward to the drive down from Bangor for a visit!!!!

Linda Dolan wrote:
I found you through Google because I was looking for a picture of Campanula Hot Lips. I work at the RHS Plant Centre at Wisley Gardens. Chelsea Next week!

Sam Kehl wrote:
finally, an aconitum supplier in the U.S. with more than one variety. One of the easiest websites I've navigated. Congrats.

Anne Surman wrote:
What a beautiful place! We made a half day of it. I was educated and came away with perennials that will be like no others in my neighborhood in Exeter, NH! Look out, I am coming back in the Spring!

Mary O'Shea wrote:
You're website is great and your plants are terrific too...so healthy and lush. You will hear from me every year. Thanks!

Colleen & Ron Ouellette wrote:
Your website is beautiful.

Cherie Rose wrote:
I love your website,I will be paying a visit real soon,can't wait.

Jan Raymond wrote:
My sister and I attend your open house every year! I even won a door prize last year. Beautiful gardens. Just love it.

Lori London wrote:
Wow,Steve! What a website! I'll be seeing you soon!

eydie schwerman wrote:
I was very impressed with how my order was packaged and it arrived in great shape. You are now my favorite!

Evelyn Moeykens wrote:
A visit to your Fieldstone Gardens site is like a breath of Spring! Looking forward to your reopenning! Even a hardy Mainer gets cabin fever. I am still enjoying the effects of seeing the Portland Flower Show, but had to visit you to confirm a source for all my new "flower" ideas. Happy Spring!

Molly wrote:
I enjoy your catalog when I recieve it in Mar.,but I realy enjoy walking through your gardens in May&June after a long Maine winter.

sharon farrington wrote:
Great web-stie, but more fun to visit. Wonderful selection of plants, especially HOSTA! My personal favorite!

Carolyn Haney wrote:
I've enjoyed browsing in your website. Look forward to some of your supplies.

Barbara Marien wrote:
I could spend hours at your site, which I have. I can't wait to get my order.

Carole Duffey wrote:
I grew up in the area, as a child played in those very fields...just love it that the "extended family" has made use of the property in such a beautiful way.......touches so many people, in much the same way that your grandparents did. A wonderful way to carry on the tradition and family name. I tell as many people as I can about it.

Robin Frey wrote:
Informative website. Wish you could offer shrubs, trees, etc.

Marge Marriott wrote:
I've been stopping by hour garden center for many years and never tire of it. Each time of course taking home at least one new plant. I have the best luck with your plants. Marge Marriott, Palermo

Ruthie Dennehy wrote:
your web sute is outstanding. Some day we will have to get together for coffee. Love You Ruthie

mary huegel wrote:
I am ordering Astrantia after the O>G>article on them

Michel wrote:
How beautiful! I LOVE the photo tour. I think this is a wonderful website.

Rita Zimmer wrote:
Your astrantia are beautiful. Plan on ordering.

Wendy Bailey wrote:
enjoy being able to see pictures of hard to find woodlands as i'm new to this type of gardening. creating a natural effect is so much easier w/the pictures and desciptions. looking forward to visiting late spring!!!

Jan Cartwright wrote:
You have wonderful pictures that makes me want to plant one of everything.

Sharon L. Rogers wrote:
I have had the great privilege of visiting your magnifcent gardens in person and their beauty is breath-taking in deed. I have several of your perennials, and I am extememly happy with the outcome. I have a hard time with plants as a rule. Your's are doing wonderful even with me tending to them!! I will be back again and again to purchase more. Thanx

gregory bouie wrote:
First-timer here. I'm amazed at your wonderful property. I really enjoy the fact that you showed you compost pile and you bees on the property. I really enjoyed your site thus far. I haven't even got to the online catalog yet. I'm sure I'm in for a treat. GOD BLESS - GB in Roch. NY

Corrine Bongiovanni wrote:
Your web site is a treat and helps to meet my need for a "Fieldstone fix" on a regular basis. I look forward to perusing your new plants and seeing the new sections to the actual gardens this spring.

Donna Sawyer wrote:
Your gardens are the best and I have brought many of my friends on garden tours to your place.

Helene Whittaker wrote:
Love the photo tour. Especially interested in your developing a shade plant area. That is what I have to deal with in my own gardens. Shade and more shade. Looking forward to making a trip and seeing the area. Good luck

Eileen M. King wrote:
First time in here, Its great, and has wonderful pictures, wish my garden could look like that!!

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